Quality management

Quality management

We manufacture exclusively in Germany and waive the import of goods from China or Pakistan - we only sell products that we produce ourselves . We place great value on excellent quality - every product is tested long and hard under difficult conditions - that's when it comes to sale .

Each item is produced for a particular purpose - Soft Sticks as example should allow a minimized risk of injury and reduced pain despite an intensitive and hard training. For that a balance of material mix, weight and rigidity is required - after all, the soft stick in the applications should behave almost exactly like the original.

Safety should become the top priority in full contact training - these qualities, however, specifically also from the training equipment being used. The training equipment whose purpose is the protection of the user , must on no account be at a risk for him. Here we test for breaking strength / toughness, fracture behavior and damping properties.

Ideally, a training weapon should own the same properties as the original. This includes ensuring that they feel similar in the application, the appearance should match the original as far as possible . Relevant parameters are weight , appearance, dimensions and application behavior.

See the video of how hard fail the tests for our soft sticks and bravura with which they master these tests.