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Trinity Soft Combat Knife - developed by Hendrik Röber specifically for the intense full-contact training. The development extended over two years long long series of tests and different model variants - they ended up in this patented training knife, stabs and cuts can also be performed with high intensity with without causing injury.

In weight and dimensions modeled on a standard one-handed folding knife, this training knife feels from a specialty unbreakable plastic not only realistic, it can also be handled in this way .

The sturdy handle part serves as a receptacle for the interchangeable soft blade, which is also available as a marking blade as accessories. Here, the blade then has holes that receives the colorant . With this specific blade 20-30 stabs and slashes are possible without re-coloring agent the blade.


Length: 22 cm
Weight: 92 grams

Supplied with 3 spare blades and allen key, a guide for the blade change is also included

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