Soft Stick Technology

Soft Stick Technology

Completely new paths we tread with its innovative modular design of our soft sticks, which are made of up to 20 items. If repairs required, we simply replace the relevant module - this option makes our Fresh -Up Services that simple.

With our paddings, we operate more effort than any other manufacturer - the padding of our sticks is manufactured in sandwich -consuming techniques from different and perfectly matched materials. For some official major customers we produce waterproof sticks with a special padding that are produced according to customers' specifications exclusively only for this of us.

Looking for something special, we do not have to offer? Contact us - we will make it happen!

In collaboration with material scientists, we have developed an optimal combination in terms of the durability and damping characteristics for our padding. Each of our models has a different material mix and number of layers.

For our products we use only high quality materials - another quality feature that, even if it reduces our margins, contributing again to the satisfaction of our customers - and this is important to us.

Our production processes are fundamentally different from those of other manufacturers, fall due to the complicated procedures and numerous items with us about twice as many operations to final completion to - an effort, but worth it - we can offer an unbeatable product!

Using our innovative process allows us diameter including padding of which other manufacturers can only dream of.